Charleston Top Producers!

The purpose of Charleston Top Producers’ Club is to network and share information among the membership, and to provide community service as well as to promote professionalism in the real estate industry. The members are dedicated to providing professional real estate service in the Charleston area and to continue to work hard for and be loyal to clients and customers. Along with being the Vice President of Charleston Top Producers’ Club, Elaine Brabham is also a founder of the club.

Along with Elaine, Stephanie Howard® and Beth Plante®, from Elaine Brabham and Associates, are members of the Top Producers Club. All three display tremendous professionalism and exhibit the reliability and competence needed in a realtor. They continue to captivate their clients and customers.

Charleston Top Producers Club supports the following charities: Ronald McDonald House, Crisis Ministries, Lowcountry Food Bank, Families Helping Families, and Charleston Trident Associates of Realtors RHOF.

They are sponsored by the Charleston Harbor Club, where they hold their monthly meetings. Each meeting welcomes a monthly speaker. (If you have an interesting topic or project and would like to speak- contact Elaine).

To join the club, there are specific requirements to be met.

For more information on the club, visit the website:

To contact our realtors in the club:

Elaine Brabham, Owner/Broker-in-Charge®

Elaine Brabham®

Mobile: 843-209-2347

Beth Plante, Realtor®

Beth Plante

Mobile: 843-270-7542

Stephanie Howard, Realtor®

Stephanie Howard

Mobile: 843-224-5912

Or visit our website:

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