Easter Candy by the Numbers

Here’s a kind of binging that’s a little sweeter.

Americans buy over 120 million pounds of candy during the Easter holiday. That’s enough peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies to fill more than 4,600 dump trucks.

Easter candy by the numbers:

1) American’s spend $2.1 billion annually on Easter candy and 70 percent of all Easter candy sold is chocolate, including 90 million chocolate bunnies.

2) When it comes to eating our chocolate bunnies 76 percent of Americans think the ears should be eaten first, 5 percent say feet first and the other 19 percent say any part that doesn’t have Easter grass stuck in it.

3) The Guinness world record for largest chocolate Easter egg is 15,873 pounds. It was over 34 feet tall.

4) 16 billion jelly beans are produced for Easter. That’s enough to circle the earth three times.

5) Kids prefer red jelly beans and 75 percent are willing to do extra chores for more Easter candy.

6) Jelly belly makes 50 flavors of jellybean, from cantaloupe and butter popcorn to Cappuccino and Dr. Pepper.

7) During the Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow peeps – making it the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy

8) Haven’t had enough sweets? It’s the 60th anniversary of peeps so let’s get a cake.

9) By holiday, people eat the most candy on Halloween by conusming 90 million pounds. Easter is number 2 with 71 million pounds.

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